You can help your community to turn up to vote on election day with resources and support.

  • Some members of your community are not fluent in English, so distribute information in their native language so know how to register and how to vote.If possible, provide information on the location of the polling station, opening times and what they will need to vote. If your members do not know where this is, you can help them find out by contacting their local authority for them and asking:
  • Supporting disabled, elderly and vulnerable members of your community to vote by providing transport or volunteers to help them get to the polling station. You can contact your local authority who may also be able to assist your members.
  • Contacting members on the day to remind them to vote. Many people may forget to vote, or simply not think that it is important. If you contact them over the phone, email or by text then this can often make the difference as to whether or not they vote. If you provide them with information on the location and opening times of the polling station, and directions on how to get there, then they may be more likely to turn out. Make sure you have volunteers ready to speak to people over the phone. We can provide you with a short script to give to volunteers when calling up your members.

Remember, you are not there to tell people who to vote for, just to encourage them to turn out and to remind them that every vote matters and can make a difference.

Organise a ‘Get Out the Vote’ event. Voting on your own can be an alienating experience, so anything collective on the day will help ensure as large a turnout as possible. Some ideas that have been used in the past are:

  • Community walk to the ballot box: agree to meet as a group in a public place well-known to the community (e.g. the local community centre, mosque or church) and walk together to the polling station.
  • Post-voting event: create an open space on election day. This can be as simple as having a café with food, tea and cakes, where people can drop in to discuss how they are feeling and a space of reflection and discussion.